Under the Influence by Noelle Crooks

In this sprightly debut, readers follow Harper Cruz, a former publishing professional and writer struggling to make ends meet. Harper has reached a pivotal moment in her life when she encounters Nashville-based influencer Charlotte Green.

The stars align when Harper is offered the rare opportunity to work for Charlotte at a place called The Greenhouse in Tennessee. Her title is “Visionary Support Strategist,” and it’s a role that encompasses everything from running errands and selling journals, to penning global newsletters and organizing conferences for thousands of Green’s adoring fans. 

As we once heard in The Devil Wears Prada, it’s the job “a million girls would kill for,” and it’s one that Harper is specially chosen for, which is why she feels she must do everything in her power to stay at The Greenhouse.

Everything comes at a cost, though. Is Harper willing to turn a blind eye to the toxic workplace, cult-like mentality, and Charlotte’s poor management skills, if at the end of the day that means saving her career? She’s under the influence, after all. 

Crooks’ debut is plenty of fun, and a thrilling ride. There’s no shortage of influencer battles, breakdowns, and takedowns. If romance is what you’re seeking, it’s sure sizzling within these pages, but what this book really made me think of was the value of close friends and family. Most of all, though, it’s about the importance of prioritizing yourself, and your sanity. Take this one to the beach and soak it up. For fans of A Hundred Other Girls

Noelle Crooks by Alexa Lena Photography

A California native, Noelle Crooks’s love of books started at a young age when running to the local library with her late father. Before publishing her debut novel, Under the Influence, Noelle held roles at Sephora and Dolce Vita, and was the brand director at The Hollis Company. An education activist, Noelle is passionate about supporting youth literacy within marginalized schools. Noelle resides in New York City with her sidekick pup, Cooper.

Under the Influence is available for pre-order, releasing August 8th in hardcover, e-book, and audiobook. Check Bookshop.org or Simon & Schuster Canada for a distributor near you. 

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