Hey there, I'm Sean!

I'm a writer based in Vancouver, Canada. Avocado Diaries is a book review platform, where I review a selection of fiction, nonfiction, memoir, travel, and self-help books. I also interview authors, creative and art directors, and book designers, as an ongoing weekly feature called in conversation with

As well as this I'm also a contributor to Daily Hive, and have also previously contributed to Paper magazine, and a number of other European publications. 

I have a cat named St Vincent, a dog named Tanto, and a partner named Charlie. You'll read about them in my posts from time to time.

As well as sharing book reviews, I'll also be openly sharing my mental health struggles. I'm diagnosed with anorexia nervosa, bipolar disorder, and obsessive compulsive personality disorder. It not only sucks to be diagnosed with mental disorders, but it sucks to be a guy and have these illnesses, especially an eating disorder. I'm actively in treatment though, and I try to read content that supports my recovery journey. 

I'm currently writing my own book, a lifelong dream, and I love that I can use this platform to connect with publishers and other book lovers.

So long,
Sean L.


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