Anon Pls by Deuxmoi Review

“All we know is that we’ll keep following deuxmoi, hanging on her every story, with the hopes of one day figuring out who exactly has been wrecking havoc in Hollywood.”


When Cricket Lopez, assistant to one of the most notorious celebrity stylists, revamps her old fashion Instagram account and turns it into a source for celebrity gossip on a drunken whim, she never thinks it will become anything. It's just a way to blow off steam after a terrible, terrible day at work where her nightmarish boss screams at her and blames her for some 18-year-old influencer's screw-up. But when the account grows overnight and, even wilder, when she starts getting gossip from fans and insiders – juicy gossip – she has to face facts: her Instagram is now famous. She is now famous.

Though no one knows that she is behind the account, its newfound success quickly wreaks havoc on her real life. Her boss wonders why she’s disappearing on the job, her friends are increasingly irritated by her dedication to the account, and she has celebrities, investors, and journalists approaching her nonstop. Plus, there's a steamy new love interest who she meets through her online persona—except she has no idea if she can truly trust his motives. 

As the account grows and becomes more and more influential, she has to wonder: is it – the fame, the insider access, the escape from real life – really worth losing everything she has?

What I thought

I have it on good authority this book is brimming with entertaining celebrity gossip and that finally, deuxmoi reveals herself on the last page. 

Just kidding. The latter is unfortunately not true.

Anon Pls is one of this year’s most anticipated releases. The book claims to be fiction, inspired by true life events. It follows Cricket Lopez, the assistant to a famous, and very abuse fashion stylist. She decides to revive an old Instagram account and grows her following by dishing the dirt anonymously on celebrities. 

Suddenly, the account grows beyond what Lopez could ever have imagined, and before she knows it, she's faced with making a decision that could not only destroy her own reputation, but her closest pals, too. 

Anon Pls has themes of MeToo, in that it shows the power that influential men have in discrediting allegations made against them, and how they try to force women back into silence. 

This book gives a glimpse inside what might be happening with the real @deuxmoi account, so if you're a follower, it'll make you think twice next time you see an anonymous tip submission or Sunday Spotted story.

For fans of Gossip Girl and The Devil Wears Prada.

deuxmoi is one of the most followed and re-shared celebrity pop culture accounts on Instagram. With a following of 1.5 million and counting, it is the Internet’s foremost source for celebrity pop culture and gossip. Cowritten by Jessica Goodman, this is Deuxmoi’s debut novel.

AnonPls. by deuxmoi is available for pre-order, releasing November 8th in hardcover, ebook, and audiobook format. Check HarperCollins Canada to find a retailer near you.