In conversation with Fabrice Strippoli



Quebec-born photographer Fabrice Strippoli is joining us for AD's In Conversation With. His work graces the collections of the Rochester Institute of Technology, The Marshall McLuhan School, Millennium Images UK, Art Actuel Paris, and is also the subject of his first book, Dark City

Strippoli's new book, Synchronicity, is out today. Curated by Jean-Raphaël Heckly and combined with words by Juno winner Ron Sexsmith and New York Times bestselling author Justin Kingsley, it's a stunning showcase of Strippoli's unique eye and an ode to the medium of black-and-white street photography.

Fabrice Strippoli

Synchronicity is releasing today. What was the inspiration behind the book? 

The idea for the book started with a conversation with my friend Jean Raphaël around lunch.  He knows my work well and really wanted to work on selecting a series that showed what I would call humanity in a positive light. I have photographed my everyday life for a long time now and these are some of the images that we selected with that in mind. 

What was it like collaborating with a team for the book? You worked with Award-winning publishers Figure 1, Juno winner Ron Sexsmith, New York Times bestselling author Justin Kingsley, and curator Jean-Raphaël Heckly.

It was a real honour really! It really takes a team to produce a book like this, and I am grateful!  I wanted the book to be as honest as possible, and I know Jean-Raphaël felt the same way. Figure 1 shined through with the need for an elegant and well-made book, a really wonderful rigorous team. 

We also wanted to share words with both French and English Canadians, and both Justin Kingsley and Ron Sexsmith are true creative forces with folk roots who spread honesty and positivity. In these times it’s a great thing! 

Now I can say it’s a very Canadian book!

Courtesy of Figure 1

Your first book, Dark City, was a summary of an urban journey spanning almost 20 years. Was there a particular area of Toronto that you were drawn to while working on this project?

Again the images came from taking pictures of my surroundings while walking, and I loved to walk everywhere! Vaughan Rd and St-Clair West was a big part of the book, but also downtown’s business core and Spadina where I worked (before the condos moved in) and then Parkdale where I have been living since 1999. 

The other images came from personal documentary work where I would seek out certain fringe groups. But ultimately the book is based on a visual narrative and a personal cinematographic journey into a big city.

If you were sent on an around the world assignment and only allowed to bring five items, what would you take?

Five is impossible for me but this is my very basic bag! I promise I'll be strong enough to carry it!

1. My Nikon F3 with fresh batteries and film, and as for lenses: a 24 mm, 35 mm, 50 mm, and 105 mm.

2. A bottle of water is a must.

3. A good hat and rugged lightweight boots.

4. My laptop.

5. A lightweight warm waterproof jacket.

Courtesy of Figure 1

Dead or alive, who inspires you most to continue doing what you do?

JS Bach, Charles Bukowski, Amy Winehouse, Miles Davis, Francis Bacon, and the elegance of Cy Twombly. They're all so perfect in their execution!

A question my readers love to know the answer to, what's the most memorable book you've ever read?

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Synchronicity is releasing today and is available at Indigo and Figure 1's online store.