Oscar-winning DJ and producer Mark Ronson announces memoir

It was music to my ears this morning when I heard of seven-time Grammy Award-winning musician and producer Mark Ronson's forthcoming memoir, 93 ‘TIL INFINITY. 

The book, publishing with Grand Central, is set for release in 2023. 

Courtesy of Mark Ronson's Instagram

Ronson, who gained mainstream global success by working with iconic performers like Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse, Adele, and Paul McCartney, began his career as a teenage DJ in New York's 90s hip-hop scene.

He announced on his Instagram account this morning, “I'm writing a book so i'll probably be locked in a basement for the next 12 months,” continuing, “I can’t wait for you to read it (if I ever finish it). x”

Courtesy of Mark Ronson's Instagram

According to a press release from Grand Central, his memoir is “a heartfelt coming-of-age tale —of a teen navigating New York’s flourishing hip-hop scene; an observant Jew in a secular crowd; and an ex-pat Brit in a defiantly American milieu—93 ‘TIL INFINITY will be the definitive account of ’90s New York City nightlife and the making of a musical genius.”

Speaking about the book, Ronson said, “Before smartphones hit the dancefloor and bottle service & VIP banquettes shrunk the club, in the 90’s people stayed all night in the same place to dance, hustle, politic, and party like no one was watching - ascending hip hop moguls, artists, hustlers, models, posers, dancers and hard-working 9 to 5’ers all rubbing shoulders with each other.  At that moment, New York was still the center of the music game and in the land of Biggie, Wu-Tang and Tribe, we celebrated them every night.

More importantly, this era also happened to be the most exciting time in my life.  Driven by pure passion and an intense workaholic drive, in a few short years, I went from being an unknown to opening for my heroes, DJ’s like Funkmaster Flex, Stretch Armstrong, Red Alert & Louie Vega, to eventually headlining my own unforgettable nights.  Part memoir, part study of the craft of DJ’ing, part celebration of the greatest city in the world during the “golden era” of hip hop, I can’t wait to share 93 TIL INFINITY.”

Colin Dickerman, VP and Editorial Director of Non-Ficton at Grand Central Publishing stated, “Given his talents as a songwriter, musician,  and producer, it’s almost unfair how good a prose writer Mark is.  His memoir transports the reader back to an era of New York City that was bursting with creative talent.  There are plenty of bold-face names here of course, but more than that, the book offers an intimate look at how Mark developed the sensibility that has made him the extraordinary music producer he is today.”

Stay tuned for more updates.