“In order to lead a fascinating life, one brimming with art, music, intrigue and romance; you must surround yourself with precisely those things.”
— Kate Spade


I had admired the work of legendary fashion designer Kate Spade for many years, and was deeply saddened by her passing. Known for her bold colours, floral patterns, and unique designs, Kate's creativity was unmatched. Her fashion house, Kate Spade New York, launched in 1993, has continued on in the spirit of the designer, believing that life is a series of celebrations, and that we must celebrate everything, from the wee things to the big things. 

As the company states in their motto, “a good occasion is a good excuse, and the best time to celebrate is whenever you can.” And who doesn't love a good celebration, am I right?

In honour of celebrations, Kate Space New York have released a delightful new book, published by Abrams. It feels like a timely read, because we can all do with a bit of cheering up and celebrating these days. The book is a lovely reminder that no event is too small to celebrate. 

Upon opening Celebrate That, I feel a sudden yearning to celebrate the very small, yet special moments in my days. From the encounters with my neighbour at 6AM, when we meet on the grass with our little dogs  (YAY —we made it through another day of the pandemic) to taking a shower and realizing I still have enough shampoo to wash my hair. 

As the book states, “the day is a series of mini wins” including things like making the bed, finding a good parking spot, and finishing a book on your nightstand. I'd never think to honour, or even celebrate these things, usually considering them mindless menial tasks or must-do's. 

Celebrate That goes on to talk about rewarding yourself for the little celebrations, and as the wonderful Kate Spade once said, “eat cake for breakfast.” For a slice of something else, the book suggests things like treating yourself to some fresh flowers, having a soak in the tub with champagne, or taking a disco nap. I love the idea of rewarding yourself for the small, often missed, feats in life. 

Reading through the first few chapters of the book, I notice just how uplifting, joyful, and brilliant it is. The world of Kate Spade New York is a cheerful one, and the book gives you the tools to bring the essence of the brand into your every day life.

Photo by Cass Bird, styled by Stella Greenspan (courtesy of Kate Spade New York)

Diving deeper into Celebrate That, beyond the small celebrations, Kate Spade New York have suggestions for medium, large, and extra large celebrations, and accompanying them, there are mouthwatering recipes for things like apple turnovers, peanut butter chocolate kisses, and champagne piña coladas. 

The book addresses a host of seasonal events like a summer BBQ with drinks, a fall brunch on the patio, a winter martini and chill, and a spring party in the park. With the book in my hand, I'm flooded with an urge to dial up some friends for a Kate Spade inspired dinner party.

The book packs so much incredible information on celebrations that it's impossible to compile it into a review. But what I will say is that I was taken aback when I opened it. I had expected mostly campaign photographs from the Kate Spade archives, along with product information selling me an array of colourful dishware, flutes, and silverware. 

I was surprised, because the book is none of that, and so much more than I imagined. It's an incredibly insightful guide to celebrating, filled to the brim—like an overflowing glass of champagne—with all the knowledge you could ever need to host a damn good party. 

Celebrate That includes how-to guides, sample menus, information on celebrating job successes, anniversaries, birthdays, consoling a friend through a break-up, and moving to a new home. And that's just a tidbit of what's inside this beautiful book.

With Mother's Day approaching, Celebrate That would make the perfect gift for all the mothers and grandmothers out there. 

Photo courtesy of Frances Valentine

Kate Spade is known for saying, "She makes the day brighter, she leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes." —and this pleasant book has made my day brighter and left a little sparkle on my nightstand. 

Here's to you, Kate.

Kate Spade New York Celebrate That! is available for purchase from Indigo.