Aperture Coffee Bar and Book Trade Program

Charlie and I ventured East for our coffee this morning, stopping off at Aperture. This charming little coffee house, founded by Ryul in Vancouver in 2013, opened alongside another man named Bo's business. Ryul and Bo started their two businesses at the same time, one a café, the other a photography business. In honour of this close collaboration, the café came to be known as Aperture.

The meaning of Aperture is "a hole or an opening through which light travels. More specifically, the aperture and focal length of an optical system determine the cone angle of a bundle of rays that come to a focus in the image plane"

Courtesy of Aperture

Walking along Broadway, I fill Charlie in on the book I've been reading recently called The Secret Life of Groceries by Benjamin Lorr. A fascinating book that gives readers a rare glance into all aspects of the American supermarket. I glance up, and I'm met with the bright yellow signage of No Frills grocery store, caught by the slogans "Fresh is Not a Frill", and I just can't stop thinking about the book. 

I start wondering to myself… where they source their groceries from and how they can afford to sell them for the prices that they do. 

You'd almost miss this gorgeous little coffee shop if it weren't for the florist next door, bursting with flowers. Pass by that and the scent of Spring flowers leaves you almost immediately, as your olfactory senses are overtaken by fresh coffee and baked goodness.

Inside Aperture, the vibe is cozy, pleasant, and welcoming. Seating isn't a possibility right now with COVID-19 unfortunately, but there's plenty to keep me busy while our coffees are being brewed. Americano for me and a latte for Charlie. 

Courtesy of Aperture

At first, I glance at the baked goods, where they have a selection of flavoured cheesecakes, vanilla scones, pecan shortbread, and ginger molasses cookies, with a lovely looking gluten-free banana bread on offer. Catching sight of their extensive tea menu, I see they have everything from Earl Grey, jasmine, chamomile, strawberry mint, goji açai, and candied almond rooibos; plenty here for the tea lovers.

Perhaps the most captivating thing about Aperture, for me at least, and for my readers here, were the walls lined with books. Everywhere that I looked, there were books, old and new, every genre imaginable. I was in absolute heaven, secretly hoping they'd screw up my order, so I'd have more time to browse. 

Courtesy of Aperture

At Aperture, they have a book trade program. When you come into the café, you can trade your old books for new ones. Book trades are free for equivalent bindings, however if you wish to trade a paperback for a hardcover, there's a $2 charge. 

Lastly, Aperture has a cute merchandise store featuring a few coffees from Timbertrain Coffee Roasters, some quality branded coffee tumblers from one of my favourite brands, Seattle based MiiR, and an adorable Aperture branded tote bag. The remaining free wall space displays photography works from Vancouver photographer, WeirdGeometry

Photo by Weird Geometry, prints start at $35