Two Happy Cats at Prado Café

So there we were, 2 happy cats camped out on the patio outside Prado along East Vancouver's Fraser Street. I'd forgotten my sunglasses, the sun was blinding me, and I had run into a neighbour that I'd never spoken a word to before. 

She knew me, I knew her. We figured this was the time to strike up a conversation. Two souls, at a café that neither one of us had ever been at before. I squinted at her, chatting between sips of my scolding hot ginger lemon tea. But I didn't care, this was a social interaction. A real one. Charlie was sitting beside me, and I think he was just as happy as I was to chat with someone outside of our little bubble. 

Once she'd packed up and left, my tea had cooled down enough to drink, Charlie sipped on his iced latte and we whipped out the baked goods. He had picked up two gluten free cookies "with no names" (ingredients: oats, chocolate, peanut butter, marshmallows, and almonds). They didn't last long. 

Prado began as one little coffee shop on Vancouver's bustling Commercial Drive. Their mission: quality coffee, amazing baked goods, and a welcoming atmosphere. 

The vision grew from here, to serve Vancouver a sprightly coffee experience dedicated to quality and serve it with a side of kindness (also served with a side of absolutely incredible baked decadence).

Fast-forward and Prado has grown to seven locations including the original spot on Commercial Drive as well as others in Gastown, Fraser Street, Fir Street close to Granville Island, Civil Plaza in Surrey, Still Creek in Burnaby, and Southlands in Delta. 

So... happy cats, you might be wondering why I said that, eh? Well, we had been to Happy Cat Feline Essentials that same week, which is right across the street, and we were still kind of riding that high. 

This store is every cat owner's dream. Happy Cat, founded by friends Rose and Nina (inspired by their beautiful cat Wilson), has been on the block since 2009. 

Due to COVID-19, there's a 5-person limit for in-store shopping, but it is absolutely 100% worth the wait. 

Happy Cat carries a selection of wet, dry, and frozen foods, treats, toys, and cat nips. They also have health supplies, grooming products, and dental care. Then there's the fun stuff such as beds, carriers, books, cat themed gifts, and cute collars and harnesses. I mean, we are completely obsessed with this little place now. 

Happy Cat is here to serve you and your kitties from 11am-7pm EVERYDAY! They also offer delivery in and around Vancouver at various points throughout the week. More info here

Photo courtesy of Happy Cat's Facebook

Opening hours of Prado locations can be found here.

All in, a smashing day was had by all. Our cat and dog enjoyed their freeze dried salmon treats when we got home. Not sure if the dog liked his or not. Didn't seem to at first... but he ate it anyway.