Their There Cafe

Fancy a coffee?

Sure! Where?

Their there.

I already said yes! Where?

Their there cafe.

We stumbled into Their There this fine sunny Saturday morning for our usual Americano and latte. The vibes were somewhere between a rave and a fine dining establishment. But we were here for it. And we would have totally stayed for it if it weren't just grab and go. Damn you COVID-19.

Courtesy of Their There

And so, inspired by Baby Yoda, we took our coffees to go. But we enjoyed the vibes for the 5 minutes we were inside. We then spent the next 15 minutes talking about how great our coffees tasted.

Their There was designed by Mike Robbins (Executive Chef) and Jeff Parr (Operations Manager) - both team members at sister restaurant AnnaLena

The space is unique, the walls lined with exclusive Japanese Bear Brick toys and other limited edition collectables. There's also a collection of branded merchandise for sale among curated cookbooks, coffee beans, fine wines, and Their There branded beers. 

Courtesy of Their There

Their There is not only known for the fancy coffee, but also for the heavenly assortment of house made donuts, and incredible breakfast sandwiches and burgers.

Courtesy of Their There

Open Tuesday-Sunday from 9am-3:30pm at 2042 West 4th Ave.