The Mighty Oak

Tucked away on Vancouver's 18th & Columbia, The Mighty Oak is the perfect midweek hideaway. I'm overwhelmed with emails, appointments, and fatigued by Zoom. Who thought chatting to someone on Zoom could make you tired? I mean, here I am, walking ten steps from my bedroom to my dining room table, still in my pyjamas, opening my laptop, popping in and out of meetings, and complaining that I'm tired. What about the commuters? People who actually wake up, shower, leave the house, wait for a bus, go to the office, then bus home again. Aren't they tired? 

Well, according to Healthline, Zoom Fatigue is in fact a real thing. Apparently, we have to work harder on Zoom. I'll let you look into that yourself since I don't want this post to be gloomy and god forbid, I don't want you to leave feeling fatigued. The world is depressing enough right now so let's escape.

Courtesy of Rumi + Rocco

I visited this neighbourhood grocery store and café this week to meet a friend for tea. I've passed by many times before, always curious, but somehow I've never ventured inside. It's always dark when I've wandered by on an evening stroll and it's always illuminated, glowing, looking charmingly enchanted from the sidewalk. It's inviting and warm, a special place.

Courtesy of The Mighty Oak's Facebook

I invited a friend who goes there often for the Harney & Sons Vanilla Comoro tea. I bought some at Indigo last week and was running out already so decided to pick some up here instead. She's British/American, I'm Irish, and we love our tea so 20 tea bags barely lasted a week. 

The Mighty Oak is passionate about locally sourced goods and bringing the best cup of coffee to neighbours and friends. They sell a selection of bottled iced teas, artisanal coffees, fresh sandwiches, pastries, and jarred goods from Canadian brands like Caplansky's mustard, The Indian Pantry, and East Van Jam

My favourite thing about this place is the social media pages, featuring a ton of cats and dogs with their owners at the café. I also love the pleasant staff who seem so passionate about what they do. I left with a coffee, the Comoro tea, East Van Rhubarb Jam and Caplansky's mustard - I love mustard so much I have some friends who call me Monsieur Moutard.
The Mighty Oak is located at 198 W 18th Ave and is open 7 days a week from 8AM-5PM. Contact them at 604-243-9322 or by email at