“Is it open? Is it really open today?”

That’s what I was asking Charlie this morning when he mentioned going to one of our favourite coffee spots in Downtown Vancouver. 

He was searching through their Instagram, the only way to know whether they were actually open or not. 

Turns out that the charming little coffee window was open for business, and so we got ourselves together and made our way to Chinatown for an Americano and latte at Iktsuarpok Coffee Stand. 

In case you were wondering, Iktsuarpok is the Inuktitut word for "The feeling of anticipation while waiting for someone to arrive".

We had been only a handful of times but still counted it among our favourites in the city. The coffee stand is owned by husband and wife duo Kento and Rika, who greeted us both with the biggest smiles when they saw us. 

Warm social encounters like these are so rare amidst the pandemic that it almost brought tears to my eyes. Simple things such as these, exchanging conversation with our baristas, laughing, comparing our charming black cats.

Things we took for granted before the pandemic hit and ripped our social networks apart.

We left Iktsuarpok warmed and comforted not only by our coffees, but also by those who made them. 

The coffee stand is at 425 Carrall St, Vancouver | be sure to check @iktsuarpokcoffeestand to make sure they're open!