Elysian Coffee Roasters

Strong coffee, decent tea selection, AND books for sale…


Well, Elysian Coffee Roasters, of course! 

This morning’s coffee craving brought us to Elysian Coffee Roasters at the corner of Vancouver’s 7th and Ontario. 

Just a short jaunt from our Fairview apartment and then there we were sitting on the patio outside with a buttery Scottish shortbread and a fresh cuppa joe!

Founded by Alistair Durie in 2000, Elysian boasts four locations around the city. They source, roast, and brew their own beans. Having spent too much time tinkering, measuring, analyzing every step, Elysian now pride themselves on simplicity. 

These days, it's all about a straightforward, good tasting cup of coffee. And that's all I want when I go for a brew. None of the fancy stuff. 

Having been to all locations, the interiors follow the same design elements as the coffee: fine-tuned, simplistic, and tasteful. 

So the coffee here is great, the baked goods are delicious, and the staff are pleasant. But let's talk about what sets Elysian apart from other coffee shops. That requires popping on over to their online store. 

So, shall we?

Elysian sell a selection of their awesome coffee and tea blends as well as grinders, filters, mugs, and some pretty sweet swag

They also have some awesome subscription options available:

Espresso: consistent, easy to work with espresso, on the regular.
Approachable: chocolate, nutty, approachable coffees.
Exciting: brighter, fruitier coffees. Expect Ethiopia, Kenya, and other exciting brews.
Decaf: love the taste, avoiding the jitters? This one is for you. 

For the pièce de résistance, they have an online and in person book store! It’s simple, curated, and has a selection of books that I myself feel drawn to read. The collection of authors include Brené Brown, Ryan Holiday, and Steven Pressfield

So thanks Elysian, I’ll be back. Hopefully next time I can sit in, vaccinated, book in one hand, brew in the other.