Klara and the Sun

I read this book in March and could have included it in my March in books post, but feel it deserved its very own post since it was brilliant and I was blown away by its beauty. 

It was unlike anything I had read before. 

I was unaware of the works of Kazuo Ishiguro before picking up Klara and the Sun, and I've got to admit, I only knew of this book since I had seen it popping up on just about every bestseller list over the past month. 

I mean, this guy has won a freaking Nobel Prize in Literature AND a knighthood for his services to literature. Incredible. 

Klara and the Sun tells the story of Klara, an AF (artificial friend) with exceptional observational qualities. The story is told through her eyes, as she travels through an unnamed village as the close companion to a little girl named Josie. The story is narrated by Klara herself. 

I found that once I picked this book up, I was unable to put it down, finishing it in under 24 hours. I even found myself even reading it while brushing my teeth in the morning and evening. 

Yes, I was that eager to follow along with the next part of the story, feeling like I was traveling alongside Klara on her journey. 

Reading this book got me thinking about some of Ishiguro's other works and I decided to add another couple to my GoodReads account for future reading.

I've added The Remains of the Day and Never Let me Go to my GoodReads Want to Read lists so I'll get around to reading those, too, when I get through the 167 books on my shelf, or sooner, when I feel like pulling out one of Ishiguro's masterpieces. 

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